Ultim'ora: un posto nella storia non si nega piu' a nessuno...

HO APPENA APPRESO una notizia sconvolgente: anche io ho un posto nella storia di Star Trek!

Per la precisione, ero (saro') il comandante della USS Carrizal che, si apprende da questo interessante saggio storiografico:

When the USS Carrizal, under the command of Captain Antonio Dini, violated Rihannsu space on a "discovery" mission that provoked the Lloan'na war, he, by all accounts, had no idea what he was doing. Yet the Carrizal's unwarranted, and uninvited approach to the twin planets, ch'Rihan and ch'Havran, were in Rihannsu eyes, a blatant act of war, calling for a vigorous defense of our homeworlds, against aliens who had utilized the same techniques as the Carrizal.

What Captain Dini and the crew of Carrizal didn't know, was that the Rihannsu had no interest in being "discovered". The last thing the people of the twins wanted, was to have their new homeworlds intruded upon by other spacefaring species. But Carrizal's arrival put an end to the isolation and galactic exclusionism of the Rihannsu people, that had been the only galactopolitical truth known to them for the 1700 years since they had left Vulcan to find a new home.

Undoubtably, Captain Dini, the crew of the Carrizal, and Federation officials did not intend to start a war with the Rihannsu people. But, the arrival of Carrizal did indeed accomplish that. It is this singular fact that outworlders consistently fail to grasp. The Rihannsu peoples had no desire to be found. They had deliberately chosen to settle in one of the remotest parts of known space "circa 609 A.D. Terran calendar" specifically to avoid outworlders, and live in peace "of a uniquely Rihannsu style of course".

Il resto dell'avvincente pezzo di storia e' qui (e a quanto pare ci faccio anche un po' la figura del pirla, ma questi son dettagli di fronte all'importanza del momento...)

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