Blog e lavoro

CI SI LAMENTA, tra blogger, che il lavoro online non serve praticamente a niente nella vita professionale "vera". Falso. Serve eccome. A perdere punti e possibilità, secondo quanto racconta in questo articolo uno degli animatori di Ars.Technica:

Ultimately, I think the answer to this dilemma is pretty clear: graduate students simply should not blog, and if they do blog they should never do so under their real names. As a grad student, your writing time is much better spent producing papers that will get you feedback from the folks who you're paying to study under. Furthermore, anything that you have to say that's even remotely interesting to anyone other than your parents and your best friend from childhood is not worth publishing online when it could easily come back to haunt you years later. And the more interesting and relevant your comments on the pressing issues of the day, the more you should keep them strictly confined to the kinds of everyday offline intellectual conversations that make academic life so rewarding.

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