L'eroico giornalismo dei nostri famosi beniamini televisivi... (Sì, Bruno, dico proprio a te)

DALL'ALTRA PARTE dell'Oceano, dove il mito del giornalismo è stato alimentato con storie che valgono la pena, Dave ha appena passato la palla a una generazione più giovane dopo trent'anni di lavoro. Lui è Dave Mitchell, editore e direttore oltre che cronista di punta del Point Reyes Light. Un uomo le cui storie parlano da sé:

In 1996, a Mill Valley woman tried to kill herself by driving off a 500-foot ocean cliff just south of Stinson Beach. But she neglected to unhook her seat belt. Her red Toyota plunged over Highway 1, banging against the cliff as it tumbled end over end, and landed perfectly on all four tires on the shore, a giant boulder away from Red Rock nude beach. Climbing the boulder, a herd of naked people watched in amazement as the woman was helped from her car and a rescue helicopter dropped down to pluck her away.

Mitchell, the Pulitzer-Prize winning publisher of the mighty little Point Reyes Light, was on the scene. "I was on the nude beach," Mitchell said, letting out a laugh that falls somewhere between a rumbling guffaw and a mad baritone cackle. "With my camera, with our Spanish-language columnist and his son. I took some shots, nude, watching all these nudists staring up at the helicopter. And then I put my pants on and covered the rest of the story."

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