Friday Night Lights

PARE CHE ANCHE quelle puzzole del New Yorker si siano convertite alla serie televisiva più straordinaria della scorsa stagione, che racconta la storia di una squadra di football della profonda provincia texana. E si rallegrano anche che ci sia un altra stagione che sta partendo proprio adesso. Riscaldate gli hard disk...

I took a wait-and-not-see approach to “Friday Night Lights” last year, until an unlikely friend recommended it—a young filmmaker who had grown up in Manhattan in a literary and theatrical milieu and had no interest in sports. We were in the Museum of Natural History when we had this conversation, and when she told me that she and her husband were “addicted” to the show, even the animals in the dioramas were so stunned that they froze in their tracks. The following week, I watched an episode, and went from ignorance to bliss.

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