Pericolosi sovversivi

ECCO CHI SONO quelli che cercano di minare l'ordine prestabilito, i pericolosi sovversivi.

Money quote: As the Summer Olympics approach, self-righteous pundits from the West have concocted a false image of a rising, military empire from the East bent on world domination.

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

While the rhetoric and actions of Chairman Mao certainly held such ambitions, many of the reforms of Deng Xiaoping are nothing short of liberalism in its purist sense.

First and foremost, he slashed the 4.5 million-men military by more than half and reinstituted civilian control over it.

Contrast this trend to verbiage extolled by Bush, Obama and McCain. Not only do they not talk of dismantling the Imperial legions; they all want to increase the size of the military. Dare we even discuss Congressional oversight over military activities, or lack thereof?

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