UNA DEFINIZIONE È lo specchio di una cultura? Forse. Vediamone per prova due a confronto. Quella in inglese, "casual relationship" (ma anche "friends with benefits", "fuck buddies" o "bed buddies"), è trattata scientificamente e si trova su Wikipedia. Quella italiana, "trombamico", è delirante, su Wikipedia non c'è e si trova invece su siti con tutt'altri obiettivi.

Money Quote: Casual relationship is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have a sexual relationship or a near-sexual relationship without necessarily demanding or expecting a more formal romantic relationship as a goal. It is more than simple casual sex, which has little or no emotional element, and different from a one-night stand, as the relationship extends beyond a single sexual encounter. Related terms are friends with benefits and fuck buddies or bed buddies. There are significant gender and cultural differences in acceptance of and breadth of casual relationships, as well as in regrets about action/inaction in those relationships.

Money Quote: Persona che quando meno te l'aspetti tira fuori una tromba.

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