Fable III (il gioco del libero arbitrio)

MICROSOFT NON MOLLA e gioca l'asso. Arriva la terza puntata del super-gioco di Peter Molyneux. Sarà disponibile a partire dal 2010, ma non proprio subitissimo. E promette meraviglie. Intanto, arrivano anche vari contenuti aggiuntivi per Fable II, che rimane un gran gioco anche lui.

Money Quote: You'll take up the role of either the son or daughter of the Hero from Fable 2. The first half of the game will center around gaining support and starting a revolution against the current king. "Ultimately you overthrow that terrible tyrant who rules Albion, but to do that you have to make some promises," said Molyneux. But it's up to you to keep those promises about help the poor, lower taxes, and so on. An example of the decisions you'll have to make is your ability to do away with poverty by spending all of the money in your treasure room -- or you can just save it for yourself, but either way, there will be consequences. And as ruler, you'll be able to have a family that naturally take up the roles of king or queen and prince or princess.

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