Made in/for Usa

LA FIAT 500 sbarcherà negli Stati Uniti, nel 2010. E verrà prodotta da quelle parti. L'ambizione della casa torinese, che ha costruito la 500 seguendo una declinazione dell'idea che ha portato a realizzare la Mini di Bmw e il Nuovo Maggiolone, è di bissare strategia e successo di Bmw. La scommessa è azzardata ma non impossibile. Alla fine, tutto sta nel prodotto: è ben fatto oppure è fatto male? Che ne pensate?

Sul tema, con parole alate, Daniel Albert su N+1.

Money Quote: I'm dreaming of the Cinquecento becoming the first weed to break through the monoculture that is the American road, the first break from the one-size-fits-all mentality that we've been hostage to for forty years. This dream was dreamed before, when Volkswagen came to America. But that was another time, when Studebaker still built cars, to say nothing of Nash and Hudson. In the 1960s the Big Three began spraying for weeds, choking out the imports with their own "small cars" like the Ford Falcon. This ensured that imports, in order to succeed, would have to be as sterile as the domestics. So when the New Beetle reemerged as a design study in the 1990s, the Detroit press loyally declared it interesting design study but obviously not a practical car that fat sensible Americans would buy. One journalist opined that VW would never be so foolish as to put it into production.

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