Perché avremmo bisogno del Dragone Rosso

LA CINA NON è la madre di tutte le disgrazie. Anzi, con i suoi fondi sovrani e l'enorme quantitativo di ricchezza accumulata, è nell'inedita posizione di poter finanziare il cambiamento di cui il mondo ha bisogno e di cui l'Occidente si sta facendo portatore.

Money Quote: If we want an example of good long-term resource planning, we might want to look to China.

While the first world spent the last decade taking on debt and levering up dubious assets like dot-com startups and subprime mortgages, then suffering the inevitable fallout, China kept its debt relatively modest and its currency depressed while it accumulated a vast war chest of foreign-exchange reserves–some $2.1 trillion worth as of the end of June, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, with a significant risk of the US dollar and other currencies not backed by hard resources imploding after the greatest spree of worldwide money-printing in history, China is prepared (if not anxious) to exchange its potentially worthless forex holdings for hard assets like oil, metals, and fertilizer.

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