Snow Leopard

LA RECENSIONE CHE John Sicuracusa ha fatto per Ars Technica di Snow Leopard è da incorniciare. Ammesso che troviate abbastanza legna per costruire la cornice, ovviamente.

Money Quote: The one that really drove me over the edge is the fussy little dance of the filename area that occurs in the Finder (surprise!) when renaming a file on the desktop. There's just something about so many cross-fades, color changes, and text offsets occurring so rapidly and concentrated into such a small area that makes me want to scream. And whether or not I'm actually waiting for these animations to finish before I can continue to use my computer, it certainly feels that way sometimes.

Still, I must unenthusiastically predict that most normal people (i.e., the ones who will not read this entire article) will either find these added visual touches delightful, or (much more likely) not notice them at all.

Da tenere a mente per la terza edizione di Emozione Apple, anche se la seconda dice già praticamente tutto...

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