iPad, la recensione di ArsTechnica

IL SITO CHE ha fatto della tecnologia una cultura, si è immerso in una delle più lunghe (18mila parole) e articolate recensioni dell'iPad. Tutta da leggere. Se non avete tempo, però, queste sono le conclusioni (che sottoscrivo).

Money quote: The best way for us to sum up our collective and unanimous conclusion on the iPad, is to say that it's the first device to substantially deliver on the promise made by the iPhone and, in some respects, the Newton. Both of these earlier Apple products gave us glimpses at what a real, usable, purpose-built tablet computer might one day look like, and the iPad at long last gives us the complete picture. So in a sense, the iPad is both the end of a long journey and the start of a new one. We can't wait to see where it takes us next.

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