JOHN LILLY, EX Ceo di Mozilla (funzione nella quale ho avuto occasione di conoscerlo) e varie altre cose tra cui ex dipendente di Apple, scrive il suo ricordo su Steve Jobs. Vale assolutamente la pena di leggerlo. E c'è uno snodo importante, al di là dell'aneddotica.

Money Quote:


I’m a little uncomfortable with the outpouring of sentiment about people who want to be like Steve. There’s a sort of beatification going on that I think misses the point. He was never a nostalgic man at all, and I can’t help but feel like he would think this posthumous attention was, in a lot of ways, a waste — seems like he’d have wanted people to get back to inventing.

On Twitter yesterday Naval nailed it, as he often does: “I never met my greatest mentor. I wanted so much to be like him. But, his message was the opposite. Be yourself, with passionate intensity.”

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