Undie harder

UN GIOCO DI ruolo multiplayer online degli anni Novanta, grafica veramente datata, spirito di un tempo che non è più. Gettato via e recuperato da una minuscola società a gestione familiare: il più vecchio MMORPG tutt’ora in funzione, The Realm Online, si rifiuta di gettare la spugna

Money quote: “Norseman Games was aware of how dated the game seemed when they bought it, but they had every intention of improving on the game, and growing the small but devoted player base. According to Crow, many of the diehard players of The Realm stuck with the game mainly out of nostalgia, while others enjoyed the leisurely pace that allowed them to easily chat with others while questing. “There was a lot of individuals who had disabilities who enjoyed playing the game, because the controls are much easier than some of the more fancy games now,” she says.”

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