A lezione di niente

COSA FANNO GLI studenti in classe? La stessa cosa che fanno in autobus o metropolitana: si connettono. E averli “presenti” per tutto il tempo della lezione è praticamente impossibile. Ma è davvero un male?

Money quote: “Even when my students stash their cellphones, my classes look like an Apple commercial – faces hide behind screens embossed with the same famous fruit. I have no delusions that they’re taking notes for class or referencing that day’s reading. A University of Waterloo professor who put a postgraduate at the back of his lecture hall to observe his students learned that 85 per cent of them did something unrelated to class on their laptops; a Cornell University study confirms that most students engage in ‘high-tech “doodling”’ and communication during class. One might think that the whopping $65,000 cost of attending Boston University for a year would provide ample reason to maintain focus during class, but one would be wrong.”

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