La straordinaria storia di Yvonne Patagonia Chouinard

LA STORIA DEL FONDATORE di Patagonia, dei vicini di The North Face e del movimento ambientalista che nasce dalla passione per l'outdoor. C'è così tanto da dire che il già lungo articolo del New Yorker appena sfiora la superficie. Molto bello.

Money quote: "Chouinard spent the heart of this past summer as he often does, wandering around the northern Rockies, visiting old friends, and fishing the prime trout streams of the greater Yellowstone region. He did so with one good arm (rotator-cuff surgery, in June), a scarred cheek (basal-cell removal, in July), and a heavy reliance on his tenkara fly rig—a simple pole with no reel, the latest implement in his long-running crusade for simplicity and thrift. Now and then, he checks in with the office—Patagonia headquarters and his primary home are in Ventura, California—but for days at a time no one really knows where he is."

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