Serve anche coraggio, sai?

PARLIAMO DI IPHONE 7 e della decisione di Apple di eliminare il jack audio. Una decisione che Phil Schiller ha definito “coraggiosa”. Ma in che senso? Guardiamo il coraggio di Steve Jobs e il coraggio di Phil Schiller.

Money quote: “When we think of controversial decisions, we tend to think of both sides as creating controversy. Choose A and the B proponents will be angry; choose B and the A proponents will be angry. But when it comes to controversial change of the status quo, it’s not like that. Only the people who are opposed to the change get outraged. Leave things as they are and there is no controversy. The people who aren’t outraged by the potential change are generally ambivalent about it, not in a fervor for it. Strong feelings against change on one side, and widespread ambivalence on the other. That’s why the status quo is generally so slow to change, in fields ranging from politics to technology.”

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