La storia del Movimento 5 Stelle secondo gli altri

STORIA DEL MOVIMENTO 5 Stelle e di Beppe Grillo. In inglese, perché in italiano non si riesce. È genetico: non ce la facciamo proprio.

Money quote: “Under lurid, all-capped headline phrases such as “THE TRUTH THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE FROM US”, the party’s blogs, TzeTze, and other sites in the network have crossposted scores of fake stories. These include claims that the US is secretly funding traffickers bringing migrants from North Africa to Italy, and that Barack Obama wants to topple the Syrian regime to create instability across the region so China cannot get access to its oil.
Stories are often sourced to Kremlin-owned sites such as Sputnik, and the M5S editorial line is sympathetic to Putin and highly critical of the US and mainstream EU leaders.”

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