Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017)

PURTROPPO È MORTA Mary Tyler Moore, donna e attrice speciale. Ha incarnato un nuovo modo di essere donna e, a molti della mia generazione, ha contribuito a creare il mito del giornalismo moderno come professione seria, importante, di servizio per la società. L'obituary del NYTimes

Money quote: “The influence of Ms. Moore’s Mary Richards can be seen in the performances of almost all the great female sitcom stars who followed her, from Jennifer Aniston to Debra Messing to Tina Fey, who has said that she developed her acclaimed sitcom “30 Rock” and her character, the harried television writer Liz Lemon, by watching episodes of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Many nonactresses also said that Ms. Moore — by playing a working single woman with such compassion and brio — inspired their performances in real life.”

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