Vanno e tornano in cinque minuti

SE VOLETE LEGGERE una cosa sola sulle auto che si guidano da sole (argomento grandemente passato di moda ma che in realtà è più attuale che mai, anche perché da là passa buona parte degli studi sul machine learning e dintorni) leggete questa. Davvero

Money quote: “In this post I will explore two possible consequences of having self driving cars, two consequences that I have not seen being discussed, while various car companies, non-traditional players, and startups debate what level of autonomy we might expect in our cars and when. These potential consequences are self-driving cars as social outcasts and anti-social behavior of owners. Both may have tremendous and unexpected influence on the uptake of self-driving cars. Both are more about the social realm than the technical realm, which is perhaps why technologists have not addressed them. And then I’ll finish, however, by dissing a non-technical aspect of self driving cars that has been overdone by technologists and other amateur philosophers with an all out flame. And yes, I am at best an amateur philosopher too. That’s why it is a flame.“

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