Letterature e ipertesti: una storia antica

UN’INTERVISTA DI UN po’ di tempo fa del Believer con Robert Coover. Se ricordate il link di un po' di tempo fa su CAVE, beh era lui.

Old Money Quote “A number of institutions have constructed CAVEs, which are primarily used for scientific research and visualization. Brown University’s Center for Computation and Development installed a CAVE in 1998, and in 2002 the Cave Writing workshop was initiated by Robert Coover, novelist, hypertext fiction writer and co-founder of the Electronic Literature Organization.”

New Money Quote: “The post–World War II era was a transformative time for American literature. It brought, among many other things, postmodernism, metafiction, and maximalism. Most often grouped with other muscular male writers like Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, William H. Gass, and John Barth, Robert Coover was one of the prominent practitioners of this period, publishing the wildly controversial The Public Burning (a Cold War phantasmagoria that includes Richard Nixon masturbating to Ethel Rosenberg) as well as countless other ecstatically weird, daring books.”

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