Stiamo tutti diventando vecchi

BYE BYE PRIMO indirizzo di posta elettronica del New York Times. La storia pionieristica di come è andata la digitalizzazione al grado zero della Vecchia signora del giornalismo americano

Money quote: "There was a brief period in which using electronic mail as a technology reporter was a competitive advantage. It was a way to directly contact people in organizations, cutting out the middleman. That quickly changed, yet my proto-Times email address would live happily in obscurity until it was compromised by an on-the-run computer outlaw named Kevin Mitnick. He believed that I was attempting to track him down. He broke into Internex and began spying on my email account, a fact I was made aware of when a digital Sherlock Holmes named Tsutomu Shimomura actually began pursuing Mr. Mitnick, after having been deputized to do so by the then-assistant United States attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice (who is now Google’s general counsel). It took about two weeks, but Mr. Shimomura would help the F.B.I. apprehend Mr. Mitnick in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Because I was being spied on, I found that I had become part of the story."

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