Tutta la musica del mondo che potreste non sentire

IMMAGINATE DI VOLER salvare 200mila dischi di gommalacca, i vecchi 78 giri, pubblicati tra la fine dell’Ottocento e l’inizio del Novecento, digitalizzandoli ma preservando anche la versione fisica dell'oggetto. È quel che vuol fare ArchiveOrg, una associazione californiana che già gestisce la fotocopiatrice e macchina del tempo del web, e molte altre cose. Alla fine saranno solo loro a preservare la nostra storia?

Money quote: ““We’re trying to make sure the physical object is saved, as well as the digital, because we don’t know which will last longer,” says B. George, the sound collections curator at the Internet Archive. “When information disappears digitally, it’s gone forever.” If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash, you know this all too well. Storing and preserving the physical media behind all of that information—if it exists—is one way to future-proof the archive. We may someday lose the ability to digitally play back certain file formats (though the Archive is working on that, too), but we’ll always be able to cobble together a machine with a needle and a horn that can play a record, if you can keep that record in good shape.”

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