Alla guerra come alla guerra

DI SOLITO POWER POINT viene usato per innocenti presentazioni di aziende, societ� di consulenza, al limite lezioni universitarie. Pochi giorni fa, per�, Colin Powell davanti all'Onu ha utilizzato il programma di Microsoft come strumento retorico per convincere le Nazioni Unite dell'ineluttabilit� della guerra.

Il problema, come scrive il Guardian, � questo:

Hidden inside PowerPoint is an outliner, and there the trouble starts. We just don't think in outlines.

What's worse, outliners force us into a way of thinking that is actively inimical to creativity. They corral us down a linear pathway. They make us focus on what we just thought, rather than freeing us for what to think next. They are entirely left-brain tools and, while they may offer an illusion of rationality and control, what they largely do is prevent us thinking.

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