Finisce Sex and the City

COSI' ALMENO PARE da quello che dice la stampa americana:

February 3, 2004 -- Sarah Jessica Parker burst into sobs yesterday as her six years of great "Sex" came to an end.

The actress broke down during a cast and crew wrap-up after she and her co-stars, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon, shot their final "Sex and the City" scenes together in SoHo. The series ends its run on Feb. 22.

As Parker's tears flowed, Davis ran to her side and gently placed an arm around her, then began to shed tears herself.

"Sarah Jessica looked so sad, almost like she'd lost her best friends," one observer said.

Meanwhile, Parker is staying mum about one big question - whether she'll end up with Mikhail Baryshnikov's character or Mr. Big. The very last scenes for "Sex" will be shot tomorrow.

Intanto, pare che Christian Rocca del Foglio, alias Camillo, abbia incontrato una delle attrici. A me Bill Gates, a lui la gn****...

...Oppure � la solita s�la del giornalismo maramaldo e arrampichino del centro-destra (col trattino) filo-cons?

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