A chi l'ha visto è piaciuto...

LA BBC HA pubblicato la recensione di un film, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, tratto dalla serie di romanzi di Douglas Adams. E per quel che riesco a leggere tra le righe, parae che il film sia bello. Il che, per un appassionato del geniale e purtroppo scomparso umorista britannico, è già qualcosa...

Screenwriter Karey Kirkpatrick, who continued the adaptation work started by Adams, has had to make a number of sacrifices to get the text into cinematic form.

Unfortunately, one of the elements sacrificed is sense.

Hitchhiker fans will know what is happening, but newcomers will be left scratching their heads at a story that flits from one unpronounceable planet to another - each one populated by equally exotic-sounding characters.

Did I say characters? Hmmm. While Dent is a familiar cipher, audiences will be left clueless by Ford Prefect, bemused by Zaphod Beeblebrox and indifferent to Trillian.

Despite outstanding production design and some fantastic visual effects, overall the film is a bit of a mess. A charming mess, maybe, but a mess all the same.

Did the script veer too far away from the source material or tie itself in knots trying to keep faith with it?

Bizarrely, I think the answer is both.

Quindi, ne risulta che il film è buono e lo spirito è proprio quello giusto...

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