Una lapide. Colorata, ma pur sempre una lapide.

NON FAI IN tempo a dire due che arriva il tre. Dopo Aloha (vedi sotto), se ne va in chapter 11 anche ATA Airlines. Margini troppo bassi e niente sperati accordi per fare cargo all'esercito.

ATA Airlines, Inc., formerly known as American Trans Air, was an American low-cost scheduled service and charter airline based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Il "solito" messaggio sul sito web:

After filing for Chapter 11 on April 2, 2008 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Indianapolis, IN, ATA Airlines has discontinued all operations and cancelled all current and future flights. Following the loss of a key contract for our military charter business, it became impossible for ATA to continue operations. Unfortunately, we were not in a position to provide our customers or others with advance notice.

We apologize for the disruption caused by the sudden shutdown of ATA and regret the impact on passengers, employees, suppliers, and other parties. ATA customers should seek alternative arrangements for current and future travel. A list of other airlines serving ATA’s destinations is available here.

ATA customers who purchased tickets using a credit card should contact their credit card company or travel agency directly for information about how to obtain a refund for unused tickets.

Sotto, la testata del loro sito.

Mi fa notare Fabio il commento di Southwest:

"ATA Airlines has been an outstanding partner for Southwest, and we are disappointed to hear this unfortunate news," said Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Officer. "We are sad to end our codeshare relationship with ATA but understand it's extremely difficult for an airline to flourish in today's arduous financial environment that has been plagued by soaring fuel prices."

Vedremo se Spinetta avrà le stesse buone parole (e buone intenzioni per i passeggeri rimasti a terra) quando fanno la festa alla Magliana...

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