The Fable II day

OGGI ESCE FABLE II, un gioco che si prospetta alquanto interessante.

Money quote: Developer Lionhead Studios (and, one suspects, designer Peter Molyneux in particular) very much wants you to be aware of its sex-related feature set: the first item I encountered for sale by a merchant was a condom. Not long afterwards, my dog excitedly guided me to some buried treasure, and then panted and wagged his tail happily as I dug up another prophylactic.

Propositioning partners basically involves performing a bunch of wordless, amusing social gestures in front of them until their social meters indicate they're willing, and then inviting them to your bed. Marriage proposals are similar, with a wedding ring icon on the "love" meter indicating when they will acquiesce to your proposal.

Those condoms come into play when you do the deed. There's a binary choice of protected sex or unprotected sex each time; heterosexual couples can bear children.

Fable II esce oggi negli Usa, il 23 in Australia e il 24 in Europa, Italia compresa (in Giappone il 18 dicembre).

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