Meduse flitte

GIUSTO PER RICORDARCI sempre che nessuno ha il monopolio di niente. Neanche i nostri giornali delle minchiate estive.

Money Quote: Italy's struggle to accept the culinary customs of its growing immigrant community has reached the beaches this summer as sunbathers get acquainted with the Chinese habit of deep-frying jellyfish.

Italians have been spluttering over their mozzarella sandwiches at the sight of Chinese men who hire pedaloes to hunt down the creatures for frying up or eating in a salad.

"They fill up big tubs then unload the catch on the beach, washing them and coating them in some kind of flour before hauling them off," said Francesco Verona, head of the association of beach club owners in Marina di Pietrasanta in Tuscany. "This has been going on for a while, but they are a lot more organised this year," he added.

Tuscan jellyfish are turning up on the menu in Chinese restaurants in Prato near Florence, home to a large Chinese community, wrote La Repubblica.

Verona said he was delighted. "They are cleaning up – the fewer the jelly fish, the fewer bathers are getting stung."

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