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COSA SAREBBE SUCCESSO se Alan Greenspan anziché innamorarsi (letterariamente, per così dire) di Ayn Rand, si fosse infatuato dei romanzi di John D. MacDonald? L'America sarebbe un posto molto diverso, secondo il Boston Globe.

Money Quote: o while “Atlas Shrugged’’ is Rand’s paean to unbridled, heroic capitalism, personified in the character John Galt, in “A Man of Affairs,’’ MacDonald’s capitalist icon is a corporate raider named Mike Dean.

Money Quote 2: MacDonald apparently believed that no serious person could be influenced by Rand; even Travis McGee dismisses her writing as “portentous gruntings.’’ It was one of MacDonald’s few misjudgments. But as we now know, it was nothing compared with staking America’s well-being on a Randian belief in the inviolable sanctity, security, and wisdom of markets.

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