La scoperta del Kindle

LA PARTE DELLA rete abitata dai "civili" sta lentamente scoprendo gli eBook. A dominare è il settore anglofono, quindi Kindle e Nook. In particolare, la scoperta del Kindle è sinonimo di scoperta dell'eBook: chi arriva primo vince tutto.

Una sintetica scoperta.

Money Quote: The Kindle does threaten a lot of traditional institutions. Book publishers, magazines and newspapers, and libraries offered reading content; however, they sold or lent the physical medium on which the content was stored and presented. The eReader eliminates all the physical media except itself. This is a problem that the publishing industry has yet to solve.

Two things need to be recognized. One is that the new reading technology makes all readers richer. When I was a teenager in Jonesboro, Arkansas, there wasn't a single bookstore in town. The other is that the free market produced this wealth. It is an imperative that we preserve the market that deliver such wonders.

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