Italian Inside

COMUNQUE, CI DEVE essere qualche italiano anche nello staff amministrativo del Congresso americano. Perché la mezza truffa delle bandiere a stelle e strisce che vengono vendute “dopo che sono state sventolate sulla capitale degli Stati Uniti” in realtà sembra frutto di qualche ingegno nostrano. C’è anche l’ascensore…

Money quote: “The reality of the flag program is a little less glamorous. The Flag Office is located in an underground office inside the Capitol’s terrace. This office connects to the surface by a special elevator that permits the bulk flying of flags with machine-like efficiency on a single small flagpole. The flag goes up, the flag goes down; it has now been flown over the Capitol. They fly for a few seconds on a small unceremonious pole in the corner of the terrace that is strategically positioned to conceal it from tourists. Staffers and interns can sit outside the Republican cloakroom and watch the elevator running up and down in the afternoon.”

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