LE HAWAII, SI sa, sono lontane dal cuore degli Stati Uniti. Anche dal punto di vista della latenza di Internet. E questo, negli eSports, ha delle conseguenze evidenti e molto negative. Perché alle volte anche qualche millisecondo è importante.

Money quote: “High frequency traders, remote surgeons, and competitive eSports players are all worried about the same thing: latency, which is the lag time between when users at different ends of a connection register a piece of data. Another word for this is ping, which refers to a test in which a machine sends a small data packet to another machine and calculates how long it takes to come back. Low ping will make a connection seem faster. High ping will make it seem slower. In reality, the data is traveling at the same speed, it’s just going farther, or making more stops that add small delays along the way.”

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