Quelle maledette scie chimiche

LE TEORIE DELLA COSPIRAZIONE non sono infinite e soprattutto non nascono in maniera inconoscibile e ineffabile. C’è chi le studia e le mappa, arrivando a conclusioni piuttosto interessanti, anche se purtroppo americanocentriche: occorrerebbe un approccio simile anche da noi.

Money quote: “Runciman is a director of Conspiracy and Democracy, a five-year, Leverhulme-funded project based at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) that is drawing together researchers across disciplines to assemble a ‘natural history’ of conspiracy theories. He offers a succinct definition. “In the pejorative sense, a conspiracy theory is a view about the world in which the surface story is never the real story. It’s a view without any limits to its scepticism or doubt. It’s a mindset in which nothing that contradicts the theory is taken as anything other than evidence that the theory is true.””

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